remember folder path

When I have to navigate to a folder cubase always starts from Mycomputer contents and I have to click many times to get to the Sounds folder in the tree. I have a shortcut to the folder on desktop but it is not visible at the list cubase opens for me. Also, the next time I have to find something else, cubase does not remeber the last place it has been and I have once again to search for F, Cubase, Sounds, Kontakt, Pianos, etc. This is cumbersome. Is there a way around?

Well here it generally seems to default to last used folder.

But you need to give some details about what os you are on, what version of Cubase you’re running and exactly what navigation commands you are talking about.

Cubase 8 artist.
I recently upgraded my system from Windows 7 to Windows 10 pro 64 bit.
I got the same behavior on Windows 7.
Having upgraded I have to reload the Kontakt libraries and I have to tell Cubase where to find them. Whenever I need to do that I get the behavior described in my initial post. Cubase does not seem to remember the last place I was at, or “see” a shortcut if try to use one.

exactly what navigation commands you are talking about.

Still not clear…surely loading Kontakt libraries is done inside of Kontakt, not from a Cubase dialogue.

Be very specific…list the actual menu item/or key commands that open the dialogue you are talking about.

hm… I am actually thinking about loading instruments through Kontakt. So, this is a Kontakt thing then?

Probably but hard to be sure with the vagueness ofthis information :wink: