Remember last category used on adding a new player

I have a suggestion (or a question how to affect the behaviour) regarding adding new players to a score:

When adding players, it can be presumed that more players of one category will be added after one another (prime example of this being vocal scores).

Currently, when adding a new player, the dialog always resets to the topmost category, which is Brass. It would be helpful, if the dialog remembered the last category used so related players could be chosen more quickly.

I can’t speak for others, of course, but I have a feeling most of us add instruments by starting to type their name and hitting enter.

Sure, I start typing Soprano and I get three sopranino winds before actual Soprano voice player. If I type Bass, the first Bass is a Singer, but what if I want Brass? I still need to pay attention which category is hinted.

Anyway, given that the search field ignores the selected category, selecting player by autocompletion does not conflict with the suggested improvement on “clicking” approach. I believe it can be faster in many use cases with a category remembered.

I agree with neldorling, and would also like to see some drag & drop functionality here and in the playback setup.