Remember last used Automation lane view pew clip

People who work a lot with sample libraries will probably know this. You have to click “Show all used automation” waaaaay too often.
Every time you switch between clips, or you open different combinations of clips the automation lane always reverts back to just showing articulations or Velocity.
Why can´t it just remember the last view/set up that was used and always show that lane view for a specific midi clip/track unless it´s changed.

I only have a single screen so I open and close the key editor constantly (also since I don´t use it in the lower zone)
Say I use CC#1, 2, 7 and 11 for one track but #44-48 for a different clip.
If I select both and open them in the key editor then Cubase should be able to show me the last used automation lane view associated with each clip and switch between those two automation lanes depending on which one is active at the moment. It´s so annoying having to constantly re set up the view that you need.