Remember the "Render In Place" Settings for each project

I tend to work on different projects for different clients and I usually end up selling them stems and stuff afterward. I also do a lot of video game work which means I’m often doing a lot of bouncing. As is I usually create a folder called “Renders” or “Bounces” inside my Project folder and render my sound effects or cuts to that.

But if I switch to a new project, Cubase will remember my old Render In Place settings, meaning the bounces will go to the Render folder inside a different project - sometimes an entirely different client!

Can’t tell you how embarrassing that is. It’s usually not a problem if I’m working on one single project for an extended period of time, but I often find myself working on several at a time. It would be excellent and super nice to save me those clicks every time I switch between projects to reset my Render In Place settings because it’s a feature I use a lot.



Sorry for the necrothread…did this ever get any sort of traction?

Forgot I ever posted this, googled to see if there was a way to set Render In Place to stick to project folder…and found my own suggestion. Is it cool to +1 yourself 11 months later?