Remembered notes after re-input pitches

In a bass guitar part (imported from musicxml) I want to change the existing notes into slashed notes that only display the rhythmic value at a fixed pitch. I know it is a feature that the original pitches are remembered for playback or if you would like to switch back at any point. But in this case the slashed notes have different pitches after performnig Voices>Change Voice>New Slashed Up-stem Voice. And they even show up at different pitches after having re-input all pitches to the same pitch. So if the voice is a regular voice, all notes have pitch ‘D’, but when I change to slashed notes they suddenly have different pitches (in fact this is exactly the opposite behavior than you would expect).

Is there a way to remove the remembered pitches once and for all?

Thanks, EJ

Welcome to the forum, EJ. No, there’s no easy way to remove the original pitches after having converted a voice to a slash voice. Perhaps all you really need in this case is to disable playback of slash voices in Playback Options?

Thank you Daniel, at least I’m not worried about playback. But just in case I wasn’t clear enough I added an example where the same content on two staves shows that all D’s in the middle of the bass staff will have different pitches once they are converted into a ‘New Slashed Up-stem Voice’. Talking about playback: the slashes sound as D’s! I can change the sounding pitch but whatever I do the slashes visually remain in their positions on (and up and below) the staff. Is there really no other way of getting rid of the original pitches than inputting everything again?

Either there’s something weird going on or what you’re actually hearing is the opposite of what you think you’re hearing (you’re hearing the top stave, not the bottom stave, or vice-versa). Please upload a zipped project - we can’t hear a picture.

Thanks pianoleo. I tried to upload a file but apparently it is too big. I suppose this has to do with audio elements in the file because the actual note information never could occupy 6MB. Is there a way to make a Dorico file smaller?

Go into Play mode, then go Play > Playback Template. Set it to Silence and Apply. Then save the file.

Thanks, that was easy:). Attached is the file.
Bass (456 KB)

I hope someone is able to clear things up about the file I just uploaded. The problem is: it seems impossible to move the slashed notes to the middle of the staff (where I want them to apppear). Changing the voice style to normal notes reveals that although I changed all notes to ‘D’ on the middle line of the staff, this makes no difference when changing back to ‘New Slashed Up-stem Voice’. Important to keep in mind is that this originally was a musicxml file, exported from Finale. So it may very well have to do with the way Dorico interprets certain information (staff styles?) that is embedded in musicxml. Opening the same file in Sibelius on the contrary works flawless.

Sorry to take a few days to come back to you. If I’m understanding your problem correctly, you want all of the slashes to appear on the middle staff line. The ones that appear at different positions in the staff have the ‘Slash pos.’ property activated and set. To sort this out, do Ctrl+A (Windows) or Command+A (Mac) to select all, then Edit > Filter > Notes and Chords, then in the Properties panel at the bottom of the window (Ctrl+8 or Command-8 to show it if it’s not shown), de-activate the ‘Slash pos.’ property.