Remix -- Bad Soundcloud links

Hey Guys here is a Remix of My Song " The House on the Hill"
changed some lyrics --Sped the song up a bit.
Used a different reference track. Thoughts :slight_smile:

Link should work :slight_smile:

On the Soundcloud link problem – from reading alot of Google posts.
A person should upgrade to Internet Explorer 10.
If your using Internet Explorer 9 -8-7 etc. this could be the problem.
Google chrome has a patch for them though.
I also notice Safari has had problems.

Jonathan 5456 is right – one must remove the # for the link to work :wink:

Jack :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hmm, I haven’t used Internet Explorer in years, it’s proven time after time to be far too subsceptible to attacks, moreso than any other browser. I remember a colleague was asking me about some internet scam involving something about police website/letter/e-mail impersonations here in England and I discovered that he got them and I never because I use Firefox and he uses IE :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I don’t really like the sound of the mix :stuck_out_tongue: The vocal is a bit too loud I think for a start. Although, the arrangement and composition are pretty good. It’d be cool to hear some newly recorded stuff if you have the chance :smiley:

Thanks Jonathan-- I’ll work on the Vocal-- maybe change the Drums to a bit.
I’ve got some more Songs coming. :wink:

Also glad to see the Link works.
Changing to Internet Explorer 10 did the trick for me. :wink:
I’ve used Firefox in the past to.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Jack :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi, this mix suffers from what my early mixes used to suffer from…lack of variation, after various comments from the good people on this forum I started to look harder at what I was doing and hopefully my mixes are more interesting…it’s good work but it could be better and to me it sounds like your straining to reach a few notes so maybe it should come down a semi tone…well done though, Kevin

Thanks shadowfax: But I’m kinda confused what you mean by " Lack of Variation.
Do you mean the arrangement of the song – or variation in the mix, EQ, effects, levels, panning, instruments,
or Both arrangement and mix. :question: :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment
and glad to see the “LINK” worked. :wink:

Jack :smiley: :slight_smile:

Just mean some instrumental variation…rest something a few bars here and there, bring something new in here and there…maybe your doing this and it 's not very obvious dunno, I’m no expert…just going by what I’m hearing…is this track compressed a lot? maybe that’s what’s making it sound similar throughout…keep on keepin on…Kevin

2 Guitars, Bass & Drums format that’s been used many times before
even though this this song has three guitars. Main mix buss - Multiband
Compressor “Rock Master 3” Preset tweaked a bit. Wavelab Post filter–
Cubase 7 mastering – voxengo curve EQ referenced from a Bon Jovi Song – 2 Compressors in series both set to 1.7
Mastering UVuv22hr set to 24 bit. :wink:

Jack :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

ok mate…I get the picture…Kevin

Agree that the vocals are a bit loud as well. You can also hear the artifacts of Variaudio on this. There could be more dynamics with this track to give it more variation. Like Kevin suggested earlier, you could build up by dropping out some of the other guitar tracks in the beginning. Drums also seem unnatural particularly the ride cymbal being panned hard left. Lead vocal is a bit thin and needs to be thickened (I sometimes use a maximizer plugin for that). The overall mix sounds over compressed to my ears. You’ve got multi-band compression on the master bus and then 2 more compressors in series after that? Too much compression IMO. How about a maximizer on that master bus as well and a limiter to bring up the RMS value as a suggestion? I always thought dithering should match the final audio format? Being that you uploaded an MP3 to Soundcloud, I would have dithered the master to 16-bit and not 24-bit. It has a hooky chorus so kudos for that, just needs to be developed more.

Since you’re principally a guitar player , if you had a steel string acoustic overdub playing the same chords ,you could drop out the electrics for the first verse and bring them back for the chorus. Otherwise you may try using Padshop to get a symth background texture using the chords you’re playing.

Also , the Voxengo Curve function of copying an existing eq is something I’ve never tried but the premise sounds dubious to me. Unless you’re under pressure from a client or something why try to emulate an existing records eq instead of just eq’ing your own song?

Good potential in this song

cmaffia I haven’t used an .mp3 in 5 years Hmmm
An acoustic guitar on the verse’s, wish I had one
artifacts of Variaudio – I’m careful not to get the “CHER” effect with it and try to back off
The Maximizer is on the Master plug-in
The whole song was recorded, mixed, mastered, and uploaded
to soundcloud at 44.1 – 24bit

Jack :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

ps: Thanks for everyone’s opinion’s
and happy to see that the Link to Soundcloud work’s again

lol you don’t like constructive criticism we see. I always thought that’s the reason for posting here? Not a problem :slight_smile:
Have fun.

:laughing: :unamused: :unamused: Have a nice day :smiley:

Jack :smiley:

That’s sad mate, I think you’ve just arranged it so’s the people that took the time to give you some constructive and honest help wont bother doing it again…if you don’t want the criticism (help)…don’t post…have a nice day…Kevin

shadowfax: s**** the constructive. Just be nice. Something I’ve noticed over the past few years
is that Peoples “BIASSSSSSSSSS” towards some types of music gets in the way of there "Constructive.
If a person doesn’t like that type of song DON’T COMMENT.

Steinberg: I think its time to break “MADE WITH CUBASE” up into

  1. Rock
  2. metal
  3. pop
  4. Hip Hop
  5. Country
  6. New Age
  7. Movie Themes
  8. Jazz
  9. Covers (with Permission)
    And let people comment on there own type of Music

STEINBERG — you do this with your Presets So how bout it. :wink:
Do the same with “Made with Nuendo”

Jack :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Dude, take a deep breath and chill. There is no bias here just constructive criticism. I’m a “rock guy” (and from the looks of your signature, a fellow Beatles fanatic as well) and I had some pointers for you. I also agreed with Kevin’s initial critique so bang goes your bias theory. A byproduct of this section is feedback and if you don’t want feedback then don’t post here and then gripe when people try to HELP you. There has always been a variety of styles in this section living in harmony so your recommendation to segregate genres is unnecessary IMO. Truth be told, you come off sounding like the kind of person who thinks they crap gold and are above any suggestions. You’re also a little condescending in your responses.


I re read this thread a few times and I don’t get the idea that halljack was rejecting criticism. It has to be that I’m missing something Up until his last post he seemed to be taking criticism in a good way.

Anyhow the idea of segmented sections is not needed. I think that most people who don’t like certain kinds of music already don’t respond. This forum is very biased FOR rock ;the very style that the OP is posting. For me ,most of my songs are in the urban category and I would never post most of my work here. There are other forums in which folks make and listen to that style of music. The forum ain’t broke

Really? Not sure how you missed that!

It’s a shame you don’t. Music is music.

Seriously I read thru again, I just don’t see it. Please point to a specific. Op just sounds like a guy responding to points until his last post

Regarding music, yes of course, music is music. However forums have discernible direction based mainly on the bulk of what’s posted there and the folks involved. It’s just a waste of time to post music that’s outside of that given scope. We all know that music is music . This is not a problem for me, there are lots of places to post. Over the years the Stenberg forum has had some very vocal members posting their hatred for hip hop over and over. At least one is still here. I personally wouldn’t post hip hop or house/dance music here. I did so recently as part of my excitement that a song of mine made a tv show and it was well received however for the most part they’d go elsewhere. I don’t see this as a problem , just the way things are

I’ve heard plenty of dance tracks here… not sure why you think there is hatred. Can you point to a specific thread where that happened? Then again I am sort of new here. If someone spewed hate for a certain genre then that is unfortunate but I can’t imagine that mentality represents the majority of the forum. As far as the original poster and your interpretation of his posts… let’s agree to disagree and leave it be.