Hi I entered to a remix contest!

Hope you like it!!

Vote please !! :smiley:

I used ONLY Cubase`s 5 Loops and Fx (VariAudio, Multiband Compresor, REVerence, ModMachine, Expander, Limiter, Tonic and more!!


Your mix is balanced. The only thing that I suggest you might need to look at… your vocal output (effects, panning, autotuning etc) does not seem to match the amount of investment of effects you made on the instrumental part…especially for the kind of remix you have presented (kind of electronic).

In simple terms, when you arrange,say, Christian worship, your effects should not be the same as when you play “electronic”. To me, the effect-application on the vocal seems to be far apart from the type of instrumental you have presented.I am aware that you applied a bit of autotuning at some point but that’s not adequade for the type of instrumental you had to do.

The instrumental is very nice to listen to.

Not my genre, but this sounds very well put together and imaginative. Very full sounding mix, as well.
Nice work! Did you sing it?


Great! thanks for listening! its a Song from a band called Gold Motel :smiley: here is the contest site!/opportunities/gold-motel-remix-contest

thanks! i am a Metal guy making electronic remixes :imp: just playing arround! :laughing:

hahaha, well I do all kinds of music, only the words should not be immoral…The devil is not someone to play with :confused: