Remixed - Ode to a Loved One

pretty interesting and creative.
nice and mellow, chilled out listening to this!
Good stuff!


Really great idea and vibe, you might consider removing bass drum at around 2:00 to let it breath into the keyboard section. Also maybe change up the kick pattern at end of tune to give it a different sound going out. I really like this and the mix is great

this was cool, not quite perfect but cool…

Thanks for the kind words and tips!

I like this! I respect the exploiting the capabilities of the DAW, too, and it works. I agree with Jet about some of the freq’s in the delay’d signal

Thanks Doug,
I am glad you liked it. I agree with the vocals comment. The sibilance on the “S” and “T” sounds stands out (especially in the delays). Haven’t gotten around to working on it though. To be honest, I am not exactly sure what to do about it but I have been learning alot through trial and error.

Yes, agreed. Nice job! :sunglasses:
The harmonie parts sounded a bit like Laurie Anderson.


I missed this first time round. Very interesting how you did it and nicely done.

I don’t know if you have the tools available but to me an old tape delay would work nicely where the echos become duller as they repeat instead of the digital echos you have going here.


Karlette :slight_smile:

Thank you