Remixed/remastered a few blues songs

As I have mentioned here before, I have a friend who used to pester me to let him sing with a band I used to play in. Three years ago or so I had the idea of letting him sing some of my more ribald blues songs - ones I hadn’t recorded myself and might not want to post on my soundcloud page. So I created a soundcloud page for him.
I had him over last summer to redo some vocals he’d recorded last year because he turned in a very tired, emotionless performance. We were headed to a Night Ranger concert after the session so I guess his mind wasn’t on putting in a great performance.

His songs are a great means for me to try out new gear or software. I redid a few bass tracks, running the bass through the Tech 21 dp3x preamp/compressor/overdrive/EQ that I got last summer. I recorded a few new guitar tracks, using Stomp Under Foot pedals I’d gotten in the last year or so. Since I’d just gotten the Waves Abbey Road chamber reverb and was blown away by it, I put the Abbey Road Chambers on all the guitar tracks. I used them on the vocal in one song as well. For the other songs, his vocal went through the Abbey Road Plates, which I find sounds great when a vintage sound is called for. At the beginning and end of each piece, you will hear the Abbey Road Vinyl plugin. I fade the crackle out once the song starts but it stays on to impart vintage vinyl tone and dynamics.
I used the Waves Butch Vig vocal strip on the vocal tracks. It’s my favorite at the moment.
Some of the songs date to before I got the IK Lursen Mastering Console. I remastered them all using the Lursen Console and Stealth Limiter.