Remocord Error Message

Hi- I’m getting a Remocord Error Message on opening Cubase 11. This has started happening all of a sudden with no updates or changes made from my side. Any ideas on what it means and how to get rid of it? Thanks in advance!

At least a little system info would help… just a little…

MacBook Pro (mid 2015) 10.14.6
2,5 GHz Intel i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, 500 GB
Cubase 11
Networking with- Mac Pro (late 2013) 10.14.6
3,7 Ghz Quad-Core , 64 GB 1866 MNz DDR3, 1TB Solid State ,
VEPro 7

Do you use VST connect?
There is a related problem with older versions of VSTConnect on MacOS…


The VST Connect issues are only on unsupported macOS 10.13.

Could you attach a screenshot of the error, please?

Hi there- here is a screenshot of the error…

… which Cubase version are you running?


I am running Cubase 11.0.20. And I do not use VST Connect

Open Studio/Audio Connections. Select the right Tab ‘Control Room’ and remove the ‘Cue (VST Connect)’ channel.
If Control Room is not enabled or that channel doesn’t exsist, you have most probably inserted the ‘VST Connect CUE Mix plugin’ somewhere, remove it (mixer/inserts).
In general, if you test things like “what is this plug, I’ll insert it and see what it does”, it is a very good idea to revert such action. This counts for anything you try; if it doesn’t provide any useful result, make sure to revert to previous state.

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Problem solved. Thank you so much musicullum! :+1:

How? What have you done?

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see [musicullum]'s response above