Remote contoller latency

I have started to get some very strange latency problem when cubase has been running for a longer time. Cubase it self responds quickly, when using the computer. But the responce time when using remote is not that good. From pressing play, it takes about 7 minutes and 10 seconds until it responce. A restart of cubase and it is back to normal. I have tried to change the latency in the audio system to se if anything happends with the remote latency. It does not help. Anyone else that have seen this? 64-bit OSX with CC121
remote controller.

Seven minutes?!!?

I’m interested in how you measured this. If I understand you correctly, you pressed ‘play’ on your cc121 and nothing happened. My first reaction would be to press play again, just in case my first press didn’t register. If nothing happened then, I’d assume there was a problem.

What made you wait for over seven minutes? Were there any other signs that your play request was being processed? Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you are not giving a truthful account, I’m just fascinated to know what would make you wait for this length of time for what is, after all, a pretty straightforward and normally near-instantaneous function.


I have seen this a fiew times. So I used my phone to measure the time from pressed the play until it started to play. Normally I restart when this happend but the curisostity for this strange bug tok over. i will try to do more measure to see if it always the same time.