Remote Control and Yamaha DM2000v2

Hi all,

I saw on the Cubase Pro 8 videos that remote control worked for several hardware, including specific consoles like Yamaha DM2000v2, but when I try to enable it, the only Yamaha hardware I see is the NUAGE template. The DM2000v2 works with the “Generic” template, but not everything so I was wondering if the DM2000v2 support is meant to be that or if they will add a template later on?

I’d appreciate any info on this,

Thanks all!


I use Cubase 7.5 and Pro 8 with my Yamaha DM000v2-VCM. I use the remote button on the dm2000 to connect to Cubase. With that remote I can automate the faders, pans, mutes, solo, etc. You can select plugins from the knobs below the screen but I find it much easier to use the gui instead. Another quick workflow is to assign the user buttons on the DM2000 to attributes in Cubase like macros.

Hello R, thanks for the answer.

Yes, I use that too, but I mean there is a remote control tool inside cubase to control plugins with hardware. On the Cubase 8 tutorial video, they say it will support several hardware out of the box, including DM2000 but there is on template when you open the remote control for plugins as opposed at the regular sequencer remote that has it and works np :slight_smile: