Remote Control Editor and VST Quick Controls

FYI, you can:

  1. Page through VST Quick Control banks on your Track/Rack instrument in focus. (scroll wheel works)

  2. Use Remote Control Editor to rearrange the pages of VST Quick Controls as they appear in the Rack. (do this at the plugin)

    I found this useful, especially after assigning the page turn to an AutoHotkey script.

what command does the page turn? are u talking about vsti’s pages of qc’s?

Yes, pages of VST**(i)** quick controls. The “command” doesn’t exist. You have to hover your mouse over the page number and scroll to turn them. Hence the Autohotkey usage.

However, discovered something else cool and not really labelled well. The setting the VST Instruments panel: “Midi Channel follows track selection.”

OK. Wait…what?

Turns out this makes a connection between pages and midi channels. Wow. Not clear by it’s title at all. So if you have multiple tracks with different MIDI channels, the pages track your selection. When you change the midi channel you also turn the pages.

Page 1 = MIDI channel 1
Page 2 = MIDI channel 2

you refer to the Remote Control Editor… is this something you can take advantage of only using a few select control surfaces?

No, this is available to any control surface. That’s why I’m mentioning it. I almost gave up on the RCE because I couldn’t get the Generic Remote section to interact.

It’s right at the bottom of the Remote section in Setup. VST Quick Controls.

thank you, i have to investigate more then. i’d always been under the impression they only made it for the hui protocol and similar (and wondered why…).

could someone demonstrate how to set up ‘any control surface’ (sic) to be used with the RCE-- if indeed it can be used with any midi controller?

thank you very much!

I don’t quite understand how changing a midi channel can turn pages in the RCE?
Can you upload your RCE page turning Auto Hot Key script?