Remote Control Editor for VSTi?


just curious: when I selec the Remote Control Editor option while working with a VST, I do not see how to assign these knbos to my own cc numbers.

I see there are those expensive remote controller consoles, like Yamaha Nuage, etc, sure they work here out of box.

But what if I have my own midi controller?
Can I not use it to drive the knobs of the Remote Control Editor with my custom cc settings from my MIDI controller?


You can do it by “pages” of eight controls, via the VST Quick Controls, in the Device Setup menu.
(see also this other topic…
You basically assign 8 external controllers to the 8 slots in VST Quick Controls, which then control the eight knobs you see in the VST Instruments window (whether for “Track” Instruments or “Rack” Instruments). When you click on the “Page field, you call up eight more knobs, which your 8 external controllers now operate.
The main purpose of the Remote Control Editor, is to (re)arrange which controls appear on which Page” (so, useful for putting your favorite controls for that particular Instrument on to page #1 :slight_smile: ), but you can also do stuff like inverting the controller range etc.
It’s a pity that there is no remote key command for changing pages (which means that you really need to keep the VST Instrument window open)

Still no luck with this, right?