Remote Control Editor Naming Convention

Hi all

I’ve been looking into using the remote control editor to change some events in Vienna Ensemble Pro 6. I’m using Cubase 9.5 Pro.
Using the Vienna Ensemble Pro plug-in, I have setup 11 instances reflecting my various groups of instruments, as rack instruments. Each instance of the plug-in is named to represent the instrument group (Winds, Brass, Percs, Strings etc). Each plug-in also has parameter controls, which I use as a simple toggle switch, to enable/disable the kontakt instance in VEPro. An example of this is Winds Param1, enables/disables the Kontakt instance with the Piccolo articulations loaded; Winds Param2, enables/disables the Kontakt instance with the Flute articulations loaded; Brass Param1, enables/disables the Kontakt instance with the Trumpet articulations etc. This works very well in keeping my VEPro6 template small with minimum memory usage. I have no problem with this operation.

The problem is when I use the Remote Control Editor to re-name the controls. I want to re-name Winds Param1 as Piccolo, Winds Param2 as Flute and Brass Param1 as Trumpet but this is not possible. As soon as I name Winds Param1 as Piccolo, Brass Param1 is also named Piccolo and Strings Param1 is named Piccolo too. Surely this is wrong. Is this a bug or does anyone know how I can have individual names for each parameter?

I realised this was not a bug but a simple case of only being able to rename the parameter controls of one instance of a plugin and any further instances of the same plugin take on the same naming convention, even if they control different parameters. This is okay for plugins where the controls do not change but often they do so it would be useful if we could rename the controls on each instance.