Remote Control Editor


I was trying this new feature today. I have connected a NI Maschine and tried to make the editor to learn the rotary controls to control some vst plugins. It doesn’t react to it.

I was only able to make the CC121 AI knob to work.

Why is it not reacting to other midi cc? I thought that’s the purpose of it isn’t it? And I would buy the N6 upgrade just because of that.

Would be nice to control the plugins with any midi device which sends midi cc’s.



I’m afraid, this doesn’t work with any MIDI device.

The supported remote control devices:

  • Apple Remote (Macintosh only)
  • CM Automation Motor Mix
  • Steinberg Houston
  • JL Cooper CS-10
  • JL Cooper MCS-3000
  • Mackie Control
  • Mackie HUI
  • Radikal Technologies SAC-2K
  • Roland MCR-8
  • Tascam US-428
  • Gallery Software ADRStudio (Nuendo only)
  • WK-Audio ID (Nuendo only)
  • Yamaha 01V
  • Yamaha DM2000/DM 2000v2
  • Yamaha DM1000v2
  • Yamaha 01v96v2
  • Yamaha 02r96v2

But I would like to be wrong…

It has a learn function, so should be able to learn any midi device. Seems to be like the remote editor is still under development and not a final product.

Hi Denis,
it is (as actually named) a “Remote Control” Editor for remote controller
listed in the remote device list (or using one of those protocols) as
Martin has shown above. To have a learn function makes it easy and fast
to assign…
But it is not a “Midi Controller” Editor, which is a slightly but important
difference. I hope that helps, cheers, Tino

I would like to add and mention that this “Remote Control Editor” works
very well for all EuCon remote devices as well. Even though this is not shown
in Martins list which happens when the Adapter is not installed, cheers, Tino

Yeah i get it, its a shame its so limited, could be a great feature if it was able to assign any midi controller.

I saw a video where one assigns the control of a plugin through quick control menu.

Will it work this way for any midi device? I want to be able to control a plugin rotary knob.

Yes, you can assign any parameter to one of 8 Quick Controls. And you can control these Quick Controls by any MIDI device, thanks to the Quick Controls remote device.

Open the Devices > Device Setup window. Find the Remote Device folder. If there is not Quick Controls, click on the + button on the top of this window, and add it manualy. Once you can see it, click on it. Here, you can see all of 8 Quick Control, and you can assign any MIDI event. Set the MIDI Input, and use Learn checkbox.

The WK Audio ID Console has been working with Cubase as well since version 6.5 now. Obviously you do not get complete access to it’s functions as there are Nuendo only options there but in general it works & works well.
WK also have several other, less expensive control surfaces now as well - check out their ID Station at as well as the Mix VU and finally last but not least the edit section

This is info from original Cubase 7 manual. Reality is maybye little bit different. :slight_smile: Thanks!

I can definitely confirm the ID Console works in Cubase 7 as well as 6.5 - been using it for ages now in both.
I suspect strongly te smaller surfaces will also be fine - why ot drop Matthias at WK Audio an email - he would be happy to help with confirmation I suspect

OK, great to know this. Thanks!