remote control for stop/start recording

hi all,

i want to control cubase’s start/stop record function from my keyboard. i have a footswitch input to my keyboard that would be perfect for this, so i’d like to use that.

the manual suggests that i make the midi input inactive, which seems a little daft to me, so i’m assuming cubase can’t accept remote input and music input from the same device. so i added the ‘generic remote’ device and configured its midi input to be my keyboard. i set up the device, and it works, after a fashion. there are 2 issues -

1- it looks like i have to specify the remote control parameters for each channel explicitly, so i’ve created ‘record start’ and ‘record stop’ for channel 1, which works – for channel 1. i guess i could duplicate all that for all 16 channels so i could start/stop recording irrespective of the channel i’m on, but that’s kind of a pain… is there any sort of ‘any channel’ or ‘wild card’ setting that i could use? or another way to do what i want w/o having to jump through so many hoops?

2- i couldn’t find a ‘start record’ or ‘stop record’ function in the list, so i’m using ‘record’ for both. this actually does start and stop recording, but more like a punch-in ; the record head continues to move even after i’ve switched it off. i’d prefer to have the cursor stop completely when i press the pedal, then start again when i press it again. any ideas how i could do that? i’ve also tried ‘OnButtonRecord’ and ‘recordButtonMode’, but those do nothing at all.



  1. If you mean in the upper part of the Generic Remote Device, this is an incoming MIDI signal. So if you sent a Footswitch on MIDI Channel 1, set MIDI Channel 1 here. This will work for all Channels and Track in your project.

  2. Do you want to Stop record (and continue playback), or do you want to stop Playback? If you want to Stop Playback, use Record (start) and Stop commands. If you want to stop Record and continue with playback, you have to switch the Record Off. So in this case only one command (Record) is enough for you.

hi martin,

thanks for your reply.

yes, this is the part i’m talking about. the reason i asked if there’s some sort of ‘wild card’ setting is because my keyboard sends the pedal controller message on the currently selected midi channel. after trying several ways to accomplish what i wanted to do without success, i gave up, with the conclusion that cubase just can’t do it.

i want to stop playback when i stop recording. that is, i want the pedal to start the cursor moving [and recording] the first time i press it, and stop the cursor when i press it again.

the command i’ve been using is the ‘record’ command [there is no Record (start) and Record (Stop) command – fyi, i’ve uploaded here a screen shot of the commands from the ‘device setup’ screen with ‘record’ in them that are available to me.] it seems the only one that actually works at all is ‘record’. [i’m sure the other ones must do _something_, but there doesn’t seem to be any documentation anywhere about what that might be.] so in the end, i used ‘record’ to start recording and the general ‘stop’ to stop, so i now have 32 different remote controls – 16 to start recording and 16 to stop. :cry: far from ideal, but it works.

thanks much for your help.

Why do you have 16 of them?