Remote control in WL Elements 7.2

Hi, I just installed the latest upgrade and the first impression is very positive!

However I can’t figure out how the remote control works: I go to Options > Remote control devices, I click on the Active box and choose a midi input and output but nothing happens, there’s no list of controls and the Name form and the Expand and Collapse buttons are greyed out.

Is this a limitation of the Elements version, do I need a Steinberg’s controller or what? Any input is appreciated!

Unlike WaveLab, WaveLab Elements and LE can only use Steinberg controllers. If none is connected, nothing will happen.

Ok, thank you for the clarification.

Ah, OK, I was about to ask the same question…
Was really confused for a moment…

Too bad, I hoped for at least support for some generic MIDI controllers.
(Does Steinberg really think, someone, who’s not a Pro - using WL Elements - is going to buy
a dedicated Hardware controller, if he’s not also at the same time a user of a full licenced Cubase version ?)

Well, I can only see some templates for the new controller line (CMC) by Steinberg included,
so as I’m thinking about maybe buying the CC121 Controller in the future (I got a full licensed Cubase version) - is this one also supported by WL Elements ?


In all WaveLab versions, you get this support: CC-121, CMC-AI, CMC-QC, CMC-CH, CMC-TP, CI2, CI2+