REmote Control Inserts in Control Room?

Hi, I am searching a way to remote control inserts in the insert Slots of the four monitor-channels of the control room mixer. Is there a way to do that? via avid Artist Controllers? via a midi Controller?

Thx, ERnst


You could add an Inserts to the Monitor section. Then, you can control them from Generic Remote Device: VST Control Room > Control Room > Ins. nr. plug-in name + parameter. But you cannot control inserts, which are inserted directly to the Monitor. You can contorl only Headphones, and Cue busses.

Hi Martin,

thank you for your quick reply. This is of course sad News . I have room correction plugins inserted into the monitor-inserts which apply correction curves that are specific to the Monitor.

I will look for a Workaround. Assuming I insert the room correction plugin into the control room insert Slot, I would have to Switch the insert preset whenever a different Monitor is selected. Maybe a macro can help?

CHeers, Ernst

Hi Ernst,

Whi it’s not possible to Insert it on the general Monitors? Why do you need to Insert it on the dedicated Monitor only, please?

Hi you,

the reason why I insert it per Monitor is that the correction curve that has to be applied differs from Monitor to Monitor.
So in order to Switch the Monitor I would have to select it and then manually Change the preset of the plugin to the correct Monitor type (i.e. correction curve).

This would somehow undermine quick comparisions.

CHeers, Ernst

Of course, it makes totally sense.