Remote Control of Chord Assistant

Is it possible to remote control the Chord track and the Chord Assistant in any way?

I have some wild thoughts about using the Mi.Mu gloves to have a remote controlled improvisation session where I control the creation of new chords and the chord complexity by using hand gestures.

Is this possible?

Not that I know of. Sounds like an interesting idea. :wink:

Two sort-of maybe ideas.

  1. Use different TrackVersions on the Chord track and use the gloves to switch between them.

  2. Use the Chorder plug-in instead of the track and control it with the gloves.

Good luck, could be pretty cool. Maybe they can add automation to the chord track.

You might find this story interesting

Thanks for the link. I’m a Kickstarter pledger (obviously, since I’m interested in how to use the gloves) but I hadn’t read that article.

The idea of using the Chorder plug-in is interesting, I should definitely try that when I get my hands on(in) the gloves.

Still I think the idea of remote controlling the intelligence of the Chord Assistant is quite appealing. Could give birth to some unexpected music :slight_smile:

Hello! Steinberg! shouting, waving hands

Well if you are a coder type in addition to being a chorder type (sorry couldn’t resist), you might create a developer account and see in their forum if the VST SDK has hooks in it for the chord track.

I can imagine a midi plug that follows the chord track to do stuff like generating modified chords, play only roots, arpeggiate the chord etc. Then use the gloves to control its parameters.

Thanks raino, a fantastic idea. I am in fact a coder/chorder :laughing: and will definitely look into the SDK.