Remote Control of the Remote Control

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for suggestions and advice on remote controlling the parameters of my VST instruments with hardware.

I have found that by clicking the little down arrow top right of an instrument I can open the remote control editor and using the “learn” function can very nicely get the parameters that I want to control in the instrument assigned to the knobs.

Now I would like to have those knobs be able to be controlled by an external hardware controller with actual knobs.

I think this method would work well once learned by providing a reference or map within Cubase for each instrument with no setup on the hardware controller itself.

Ideally, for example, knobs 1 through 8 in the remote control editor for instrument A would be assigned to 8 knobs on a hardware controller, and when that track was selected within Cubase the hardware knobs would do their assigned duties. All other instruments could also have the Cubase Remote Control assignments learned and applied in the same fashion, and when each instrument was selected, and with the visual of the editor as a reference, the same 8 hardware knobs would act upon the specified parameters.

So I suppose I have two questions:

  1. Is this possible?
  2. Are there any suggestions for a simple knob-based controller to accomplish this.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Several methods depending on what you’d like to remote control.

  1. Quick Controls
  2. Generic Remote Device
  3. Direct MIDI control of plugins that can learn and assign MIDI events. (Plugin Specific)

I really like the “VST Quick Controls” in Cubase. Works way better then the quick track controls (that are more project specific) for me.

It’s about making an initial default template of stuff you want to control for your instruments and then you don’t have to bother if the plug-in has any “midi learn” functionality or not. No more recording midi cc into a midi track, all is automation and can easily be recorded and edited.

I have a 8 knob midi controller that is setup to send midi cc 14 to 21 on midi channel 16. In Cubase midi filters for midi input I’ve filtered out channel 16 completely. My VST quick controls (under devices) is configured once and is saved globally for all my projects.

I’ve set the midi and instrument track selection so I don’t have to select the instrument in the rack to switch focus of what I’m controlling.

Sounds to me SteveH, that you are pretty much describing my setup and way of working.

Thank-you for the replies. I have experimented a little with my master keyboard (Roland XV-88) which has 4 sliders that I set to controller, and was able in Quick Controls to learn them in. I then went into the Remote Control Editor for a few instruments and was able to assign knobs to instrument parameters again using learn. I then opened the VST Instruments rack and “showed” the VST quick controls then set the “focus”, and it seems to work quite well.

There seems to be some big differences in what certain instruments will allow you to control. With Diva I could control pretty much everything. With Halion Sonic SE, not much at all.

There is a controller that I have come across that seems interesting, the Korg nanoKONTROL2, but it appears to connect via USB, not MIDI.

Any suggestions appreciated on a controller that might suit my needs.

Thanks again.

Korg nanoKontrol2 is USB but when you hook it up to your computer it will show up as a midi device in Cubase. So the lack of MIDI DIN isn’t a problem, I would say it’s a good thing having the midi controller you want to use for VST quick connect begin a separate midi device because then you can exclude it from the “All midi inputs” in the Midi port setup of Cubase.

I don’t want to recommend a midi controller, I think it’s better that you try one out in a shop to see if you like how it feels. To plastic? To light? To heavy? Faders and knobs to flimsy? Very subjective from one user to another.

How do I find the Direct MIDI control of plugins that can learn and assign MIDI events. (Plugin Specific). I want to control from the controller, for example, messages on the selected channel, and when the plugin window is active, only this plugin. I want to use the same handles as on the messages.