Remote Control Settings Must Be Saved With The Song

Hi again,

Please add a Proper Way Of Controlling VSTs using MIDI Controller ( like in other DAWs )

Cubase Is Awesome And Greatly Great

when you can control the vst instruments parameres via using a Generic/Remote Controller


What Needs To Be Fixed

Is That You Need To Be Able To Change Parameters On The Fly, And All Changes To Remote Control Settings must Follow And Be Saved With The Saved Song

Like In All Other Daws ( LOGIC ( i am sure it does this does it not, ? ) Fl Studio, Studio One, Ableton ( has been doing it for freaking 10 years which is why people still choose it over Cubase, Big Time Producers like Deadmau5 And Skrillex have moved to Ableton from Cubase because of this ), Reaper, " Insert Any Other Daw Here "

Remote Control Settings Must Be Saved With The Song

“Quick Control” is how some of us do it.

Please explain how that is not working for you.

It may help people understand your suggestions.

Thanks !

Hi there,

Thank you,

It is not working for multiple tracks at the same time

To control multiple tracks and multiple plugins across multiple tracks, create a new audio track, then Ctrl/Command click on a Quick Control slot on the new audio track you created - this opens up a different menu that is a master menu of all available controllable parameters in the project that you can add to the 8 Quick Control slots on the dummy audio track. This is in the manual in the Quick Controls section…