Remote Control: Track color and name

Can somebody tell me if there is a remote control protocol that transmits track color and name?

When looking at the Behringer X-Touch demos, they always have that coloring in their display. But when a trace the Midi from the Mackie Control protocol there is nothing. And the Mackie HUI protocol only sends short names (4 characters). An also no sign of a message that represents the color.

Any idea, where the colors on the Behringer X-Touch come from.

It’s programmed on the device itself?

Yes. After owning one a couple of years I was quite surprised to discover the device can display color. But the Mackie protocol doesn’t support it so ¯_(ツ)_/¯ no color for us.

There is a thread (probably in the C9 forums) that goes into this a bit.
Maybe somewhere in this you can figure out what software does change the color.

Seem so. It looking at the documentation it seem to be only 8 fixed colors or so.