Remote control with DM2000

But it works in WL6…

It seems that WL6 interprets or receives always the last event. That works. But WL7 does the same with the first event. That always is the same. If you compare the screen shots with the data in the file “midi.txt” you will see this.

Maybe, but you must change your controller to only send 1 event.

The problem is, that this “controller” is a Yamaha O2R96 mixer that works with nuendo perfectly. Also start, stop, rec etc.
When I change it, it doesn’t work with nuendo…

I think I found out, why the mixer sends 4 events. Because it is in the so called DAW-mode. I can change it to the midi-mode and it sends only one event. But that’s not the answer why it worked with WL6…

Sorry, I’ve been out of the office for a while…

The fact remains, that with Wavelab 4, 5 AND 6, I was able to control all transport funtions from the DM2000. I can NOT do this with Version 7, this means that there IS a problem with Version 7.

Please see that this problem is added to the bugbase so it can be fixed.

Thank you.

This is not a bug, as WaveLab reacts as expected (the 1st MIDI event is used, while WaveLab 6 did not… by mistake). But these devices use some special protocol made of several messages. WaveLab 7 should support this. Hopefully I can fit that for 701.

Thank you!

Understood, thank you. As this is a Steinberg product, it would be very nice to have it integrate seemlessly with other Steinberg / Yamaha products. Perhaps Studio Manager integration for future versions?

Thank you again, your support is appreciated.