Remote controlling automation with a USB keyboard?

I have been a Reason user for years and they have it pretty smart: you right click on a knob or fader in a synthesiser/instrument and assign a knob or a fader to my USB oxygen 2 keyboard.

There is no such thing in Cubase, i just started scratching the surface on this, so could someone please tell me the best way to perform automation using controls on my keyboard?

I just watched Cubase 7 Quick Start Video Tutorials - Chapter 12 and there they say i should go to Devices - device setup - and then create a “generic remote” in remote devices group. What happens after that is a bit of a blur… Is that the best way to go about it?

Yes but it is undocumented and rather complicated/confusing…But I’ll try to explain the basics. Feel free to ask other questions.

In the top window you can create entries (“new” command on the right). Be shure to give them an uniqe name, and export (=save to a file) your changes before you restart cubase. If you don’t the next time you start cubase all your entries are gone.

Now suppose you have 8 faders and 8 buttons you would like to experiment with. I would create 16 entries, call them fader 1-8 and button 1-8. Now you can use the “learn” function to automaticly assign the fader/button to the entry of your choice. Actualy the same as it workd in reason I think.

Now comes the boring bit: For every parameter you want to connect to someting in cubase you have to go down to the bottom row, select the apropriate command in cubase, and apply AND export your generic remote settings to keep them next time you start cubase. If you rename, move or delete the file outside of cubase you will have to re-import the file: cubase remembers and looks up the file by name/location everyime it restarts.

So this does not work like in reason, you have to do this manualy everytime you want to connect something different/new. Not very flexible indeed. The use of “Quickcommands” (manual:page 337 Track Quick Controls) might work for you, but I believe this way of working has it’s own problems.

Note that there is one very usefulll type of entry called “selected”, (in the second row I think), “Vstmixer” (or “mixer”, I never noticed any difference), and then “selected”, and then any parameter, for example “volume”.
This wil control the volume of the selected channel. (device>>selected>> volume).
But you have to assign every parameter yourself here, so no learn function like in Reason. Only for the top row. Pitty…

I’ve attached an example pic here:

You can control a lot of things in cubase, but some commands do not work as they should. The mixer window for example is a toggeled window, (not 0= off, 127= on, but everytime you touch the state changes) so you will never be able to make a button or a script that reflects the state of the mixer.

One way to expand your controls might be the use of mixer maps, in my pic the first “mixermap” is called “VST 1-16”.
You can rename and create as many maps as you like (I think), and by this you would be able to make differerent commands to the same buttons on your keybord in every map. (for example map 1: fader 1-8 = volume 1-8, map2: fader 1-8 = volume 9-16, and so on.

Now if you would resreve two buttons for “map up and down switching” (be shure to assing these buttons in every map), “command>>remote”>> and then bank increment and /or decrement, you would be able to switch banks by this buttons.

Note that some functions can be found in multiple categories, for example in “transport” you can only assign “stop” and “start” buttons, but in the “command” section you can find the “start-stop” button (why??). It is messy, undocumented, outdated, and it looks like they never realy finished it. But most of it works, if you spend some time to find out how.

Hope this helps, have fun,


Thank you for your help Jurgen

I will be reviewing this.

I still haven’t figured out how to do this.

But funny story, try right clicking on a knob in Halion SE… it gives you option to learn a CC control and assign a fader or a knob to this particular function.

Why there is no such feature with the rest of VSTs and instruments is beyond me. :cry: :confused: :neutral_face:

Stylus and a few VST’s have it. It depends on which ones.
But setting up a controller is pretty easy…