remote delay and buffersize


Can anyone please tell me about how the remote delay seconds and the buffersize settings work?

For example, is there any downside on using a higher remote delay, other than that having a conversation
might be a little off since there is a high delay between us, but if its making the connection more stable, sounds good. Any way of knowing that its high enough? does this make it possible to use a wifi connection?

Sometimes people have mentiond some latency setting, is this the remote delay setting they are referring to, or is that something else I should know of?

About buffersize, when I changed this on the ipad, vst connect performer, the whole program seemed to crash, any thoughts on this? one person on the forum got vst connect to work by using a really low buffersize, what are thoughts on this? I thought higher buffersize should lead to more stability, and that the latency was compensated for regardless. What should I think about when choosing this setting?

Any thought on uninstalling vst connect se for a working asio guard, as Jim B mentioned, what does this mean? How does the asio guard affect things?

Request, can Cubase understand, and atleast give me and indicator that the sync is not a 100%. The thing is that I was trying to record, and I could feel that the result was not 100% sync, this scares me into thinking, that if things improved through better settings, perhaps I could get things to the level where it is so much in sync that I might think that maybe I was just playing off beat. This is something I dont want to think about, I need to know that the recording is exactly the way I played it, or I will have no sleep, Im better of not recording anything over vst connect, if things are going to be slightly out of sync, and Im trying to guess if is or not. I need cubase to tell me if it isn’t. I dont want to be guessing, and having recordings that are ALMOST in sync

To help minimization of packet loss, the operating system socket buffers need to be large enough to handle the incoming network traffic while your Java application is paused during garbage collection. By default Coherence will attempt to allocate a socket buffer of 2MB. If your operating system is not configured to allow for large buffers Coherence will use smaller buffers. Most versions of UNIX have a very low default buffer limit, which should be increased to at least 2MB.

a) The Remote Latency setting does not have any influence on chatting. It only ever plays its role when Studio engages playback (or record). Otherwise (when stopped), it’s in “chat mode”; you can adjust chat latency, but we recommend the default “auto” setting which tries to keep latency for conversation low.
b) The higher Remote latency, the better, because it gives the system more time to correct for connection problems etc. The only drawback is that Studio hat to wait longer for playback to become audible after start has been engaged.
c) sync is sample accurate with VST Connect unless it’s not set up correctly, in which case out-of-sync delays are very obvious (actually, in the range of the Remote Latency setting).