remote device and mapping cubase

I am trying to set up a BCR 2000 to act as a channel strip for Cubase, all is working well except for a couple of problems.

Firstly I would like to set up a rotary control to scroll left and right in the VST mixer, I can do this with 2 switches but it is slow and needs continuous presses, not just press and hold.
Secondly for the life of me I cannot find the high/low/gain settings in the generic remote are they available.
Any help would be much appreciated.


I’m afraid, you cannot use a knob to list in a tracks. The Generic Remote editor cannot distinguish, if the Value of the Controller is decreasing or increasing. You cannot set different values for these two actions. In any case, you would get in trouble, if the HW doesn’t send Decrease/Increase messages directly (like the knobs on Mackie Control do).

I’m not 100% maybe the highh/low/Gain is really missing and it was already reported. If this is fixed, search for it in the Mixer > Pre section.