Remote Device Associations Follow Changes

I like to use my iPad with Lemur and/or TouchOSC to interface with my Nuendo projects. In DEVICE SETUP I create a Generic Remote and associate my iPad commands with the correct Nuendo commands. However, for those commands that involve a track (solo, mute, locate, etc) Nuendo seems to only associate with a track number and not the physical track itself.

This is what I mean: I create a group track called STRING MASTER and it is track 36. I then created a SOLO STRING MASTER button on my iPad Lemur. I associate my iPad command in the Generic Remote panel to the VST Mixer channel called STRING MASTER. This all works great.


I insert or delete a track at a lesser track number than STRING MASTER. Should I insert a track in a previous spot, that moves STRING MASTER down from track 36 to it’s new spot at track 37 but the Generic Remote is still looking at track 36! It doesn’t know that STRING MASTER has been moved. This means I have to reassociate EVERY track that has been moved. And I have to do this every time a track is inserted or deleted in earlier spots.

Is there anyway to have the Device Manager keep up with these changes?


Also, would it be possible to have the device manager remember the last associated MIDI In and Out in the Generic Remote?


Darren “Thanks For The Memories” Ingram