REMOTE EDITOR: Encoder to scroll tracks back and forth?

So I have an endless encoder that I want to scroll the selected track back and forth, but how? There is seems to only be next/prev which you cant hook up to more than one action?

Indeed, you need either scripting, or an external utility to transform the initial CC to two so you can assign them to prev/next.

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:frowning: so few easy ways to do basic stuff

@m.c Thanks

I agree. I think that it would be nice to see in an API update, such elements (track prev/next, zoom in/out and other) as host values, so that one can assign them easily using the assistant.

Which controller do you use, by the way?

Im trying to factor the workspace so I have a small iconpad above my keyboard, purely for IFX tactile editiing. its surprisingly flexible. I had it on generic remote and it was nice to have a scoll wheel to fly along tracks for selection

What’s “IFX”?

Sorry :slight_smile:
Insert fx

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