Remote keys for each track

I’m trying to set independent remote keys for each track in Cubase 9 (with different expression maps) but when I change the root key for one track it changes in all tracks. Is this the normal behavior of Cubase?? If it is, is stupid because the root key for a violin can be a C1 but for a double bass can’t!


Do you mean the MIDI Input? So do you want to use dedicated MIDI Port for every single MIDI/Instrument(?) track?

No, I have a track for 1st Violins, other for 2nd violins, other for Violas, etc, each of the tracks has a dedicated Expression Map. When I try to set the root note of the remote keys of the Violins Expression map to C1, it changes the root key in all Expression Maps of the other tracks to C1.

All the tracks have their midi channel set to ANY, and in PLAY software (Hollywood Strings) the articulations are assigned to different channels.


I see, you didn’t mentioned Note Expression at all in your original post.

The Root Note is a global settings,

Maybe a linguistic obstacle? I’m lucky the forum is in my first language! :wink:

  • If you change the Root Note value in the Remote Keys section, the remote keys of all the maps change relative to their current values.

  • If you click the “Set Remote Keys” button and edit there, it changes only the current map. While not intuitive, you might say this adds functionality- the possibility to change all maps at once, maybe useful if you were to go from say, a 61 key keyboard to an 88 key keyboard.


Load 3 exp. maps
Set Remote Keys for all three, with root note C-1
Select any one and change the Root Note in the Remote Keys section

all maps get their Remote Keys changed relatively

Now, set the value back to C-1
Click the Set Remote Keys button
Change the Root Note there

here, only the active map is modified.

Got it Steve. That’s what I was looking for. It worked :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!