Remote MIDI Functions - Meter-All and Meter-Max

In the MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant, under:

Functions Browser → Mix Console → Mixer Bank Zone → Channels → Channel (1 - 8) →

There are two functions; Meter All and Meter Max.

Does anyone know what they do? I’ve tried assigning them to both buttons and knobs and they don’t seem to do anything - also the value on the MIDI remote panel is shown as - (infinity).


I believe it’s the same as on a Mackie controller, where it can drive the lights next to a fader on a MIDI controller.
So it doesn’t do anything, but will be used to send midi out to your device :slight_smile:

But I just tried playing around with it, and it doesn’t seem to send out the data that is expected, it it is indeed the purpose. Could be a bug.

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You’re right - I just got it working.

You need to create a ‘Lamp’ object, and map it to a light on the controller that accepts MIDI in.

I used the LED around the Jog Wheel on a Maschine Studio. By mapping:

Selected Track → Meter All

to the LED (CC76) and:

Selected Track → Volume

to the Jog Wheel (CC74)

the wheel controls the fader and the level lights up around it.

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