Remote record activation

Looking to be able to start/stop recording of cubase pro 10 from my booth (where there is no computer equipment). Is there such an option available? Bluetooth connect, wi-fi connect, usb connect? Do I have to look for a third party app and/or hardware and if so, any recommendations? I recall something about using a midi linked keyboard, but don’t want to do that, keyboard will not be moving into record booth.

You know what would be really cool, voice activation. Be able to set a channel (like the channel my mic is hooked up to in my sound booth) to listen for specific sound like snap or clap or specific word through the mic and it starts record, another distinct sound stops record.

Thanks for any assist/recommends and sorry I was not able to find anything on this searching the forum. Probably there, just was not seeing it. Stay safe all!

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I use TouchPortal! ( 10€ ). Works via wifi or USB.

For an additional 10€ you can get voice commands.

Thanks for the reply Micke. So as far as you know, that is the only way? Through a third party application?

Much appreciated.


If you have Iphone or Ipad you can use the official remote controller from Steinberg

Thanks KHS for the reply. I have android and windows set ups, so iPhone/Pad no worky for me.

Anybody else have suggestions? Someone posted a bit about using windows remote desktop, which would be fine with me. Take laptop into record booth, but that will make more noise than my phone.

All input appreciated.


Using Android myself, I find it very annoying that Steinberg doesn’t make this app for Android. After all there way more Android devices in the world than ios devices.
You could consider getting one of those thin and silent notebook laptops but they are not that cheap. You can also consider a Chromebook and run Teamviewer or similar from that or run Teamviewer from your Android device.

Other suggestions i have…

-Try the Android app called TouchDAW (Have no idea how well this works)
-Get a wireless keybord to start/stop recording and learn or create key commands for your needs.

This should work, it´s for both iOS and Android

Didn’t know about that, but just tested it with Android phone and Win10 PC and it work as intended.
Pretty cool and useful app, should do exactly what OP is looking for.

Depending on where you are physically located relative to the computer a cheap wireless keyboard will work fine if it is within range. That’s what I used for years before I got Metagrid.

KHS, awesome, thanks for the suggestions.

Jari, I will definitely try this app. I hate the whole “get the app” culture, and I have been a computer programmer for 25 years. But I will give it a try, they will probably want access to my location data ;~)) Thanks so much for the suggestion.

Raino, that is brilliant. Never thought of that one and I do have 3 wireless keyboards in the house including the one I use on my desktop computer. I can just use that one or I could just turn one off and the other on to make that happen. I think I would be close enough to do this as long as the batteries in the board are strong.

After reading through all these great suggestions, I thought of another one, and that is using Windows 10 remote desktop connection. So control desktop Cubase from laptop by logging into desktop. That should work too and would give me the most control. And the cables would ideally be hooked into desktop mix anyway. The only thing I worry about there is latency. Not sure if it would be an issue. Would have to test.

Thanks everyone for the assists in wrapping my mind around this.

Happy Trails

I thought of one other way I can do this. Not the best idea but could work for basics. I have a wireless Kensington trackball mouse (with 4 buttons), and I have programmed some of the buttons for various recording shortcuts. I could use that as well, although no screen to view what is happening.

Anyway, thanks again to all for the inputs. Happy tracking!!


Maybe a midi foot controller using macros and assigning to midi channels.
I’m using a MIDI Moose to Start/Stop, Arm Recording, Advance to next track, Select All and Delete.

You can have multiple button presses or clicks to a macro and assign one button. Fore example to get the recording to advance to the next track, you have to press the Left Arrow then the Down Arrow. So I had to create a macro that presses the Left then Down arrows.

Here’s the screen shots of the macros and MIDI controller assignments to the MIDI Moose foot switcher.

I’ve also used Windows Remote Desktop on a spare laptop to as a remote controller.