Remote Script for Digidesign 003 Console

Hi all! I’m on a Win11 PC with Cubase 13 Pro and I’m trying to set up my Digi 003 Daw Controller to work with Cubase (worked with Reaper before) using the latest drivers (installed prior to Cubase 13 Pro).
The Controller sends CC’s and is connected via Firewire 400.

Now the Problem: Cubase does not receive any midi from my Digi003 (Audio works just fine). Not my keyboard and also not from the controller itself. It seems that in transport Panel it picks up some activity, but in the Midi Input Monitor nothing shows up. And yes i have tried it with every midi port that my driver/Interface provides (midicontrol, asyncmidicontrol and midi input output 1/2).
I have also tried to install the interface as generic controller and i have also tried unchecking and checking the in all midi inputs thing.

Midi Filters are unchecked (only sys ex is on).
Midi I/Os are recognized in Midi Devices and active and visible.
Midi Out LED lights up when i press buttons and keys and everything works in my other DAW (Reaper).

Wtf am i doing wrong? I could just wire everything through my Korg Padcontrol, but this would take out a midi port that i need for other stuff.

Thanks in advance! :))

Could you post a screenshot of your Studio MIDI Port Setup? Sounds likely it’s a configuration issue. Are the devices connected via USB or old school MIDI 5-pins? If USB are the directly connected or do they go through hubs? If so, powered?

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The master keyboard (old CME UF8) is connected via Midi 5 Pins to Midi in of the Digi003 and is also powered by USB (but i only use it for power because there is no driver that works in windows 11 for it)
. The Digidesign 003 is a controller/Audio and Midi interface and is connected via Firewire. (I have found a workaround for the masterkeyboard (running it through a korg padcontrol that is connected via usb). That way i could still use the midi in of the Digi003 for something else if i get the midi IO of the DIGI to run. When i programmed the surface (digi003) to work with reaper, i had to enable an option that is called enable input for control messages on Midi 1 (In/Out) Also In the screenshot the option “on all midi channels” is activated but i also tried with it deactivated, midi monitor did not show anything.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

What i want to accomplish is hardwiring the Mixer channels to my motorized faders, and also the insert knobs, panning and a few other things (so no quick controls)

Is the Digi003 sending only SysEx data by any chance? Or does it send Controller messages?

There is no such option for Cubase, it is enabled by default.

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It sends Midi CC , and i can freely assign which knob or fader sends which .
Right now for instance on Channel 1, Midi CC 16-24 are mapped for Faders.

so are you saying maybe i should uncheck sys ex from the midi filter? i’ll try that and report back!

Tried it. Still nothing :frowning:

You could try to use WINRT-MIDI in the MIDI port setup dialog. The chance that this will help is slim but then your case is really weird.

Tried it, Midi monitor still shows nothing. Assigned controls don’t work.
Going to try to monitor the messages with midi ox now and post a screenshot after, maybe there is something funny or irregular about them?

Or could it be that Cubase somehow prevents Midi CC being sent in some cases? Could it be the device names? (WINRT Midi should circumvent that if i understand correctly- but had no effect in this case).

Tried to monitor what midi gets transmitted to the system this is what i got:

Somehow this doesn’t make any sense.
The data is present in the MIDI driver of the Digi003, it is available in Windows but nothing enters Cubase.

There is really no activity on the MIDI input indicator in the Transport Bar?

Sometimes. Midi monitor has shown me that sometimes it seems the Digi003 only sends sys ex messages, then Cubase also does not receive anything, but sometimes it sends messages like the screenshot has shown. So I have come to the conclusion, that it must be something with either Windows 11 having a problem with my Firewire PCIe Card or the Driver for the Digi003 itself.

Will try to revert to the legacy driver for PCIe Device and then see if i can get a hold of the old beta driver for Digi003 that is said to have worked flawlessly with cubase 11 12 and mb 13.

I’ll report back with results.

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that did not work either, but i found a workaround. I daisychained my 003 through the port of a behringer BCR2000. Apparently if the midi does not go through the Firewire, the surface sends CC’s reliably. Now i will just have to figure out how i get the feedback back to my surface for motorfaders to move according to automation.