remoteSL with quick controls -ok

*** EDIT - read bottom post for solution***

hi all=)

seems that I cannot map the quick controls to my remote sl…

the remote sl is hooked up correctly… - midi communications are all ok…

steps i take:

  • open device setup - remote devices - quick controls. … the remote sl is mapped in in and output.
    -select a quick control - learn selected - twiddle knob. - should be easy…

but, the quick controls sporadically assign the controls. sometimes yes, sometimes no - mostly no. now, even though i managed to get some to map (through magic obviously) they would not translate into action. sometimes after lots of twiddling a knob, i got a little movement on halion sse which stopped again after a milisecond…

please help.

thx =)

edit: i have noticed that QC 1 and 2 are mapped to my xypad… thats probably the little magic movement i saw before… lol

still - the controls are not mapping as they should.


it works now with a little convincing:P

need to set the remote device to automap and not remote midi and believe in it:P after a little struggle its fine:P
(read wrong cc numbers twice:P)

all is good now =)