Removal of Noteperformer incomplete

Hi, I wanted to remove NotePerformer, and executed the command line procedure.

  • the noteperformer playback engine were not removed
  • in Dorico playback settings it is still listed
    I am on MacBook and am using Dorico 5 SE ( soon upgrading it to Elements).

By the way after removing the noteperformer … the audio of my old projects does not work anymore. New projects works … i noticed that in configurations the noteperformer is still “embedded” in the projects inspite of changing the setup of Dorico on “factory defaults”…

Also noticed that whenever I try to click on VST configuration it hangs.
What should I do ? reinstall dorico ? will it help ?

I think you‘re talking about playback-templates. Your old projects are still referring to the playback template that contains noteperformer, which isn’t installed on your system anymore and therefore you get no sound. Select one of the factory playback-templates, apply it and save the song.

Edit: At this point it would be a good idea to delete the playback template that contains Noteperformer. Then, next time you open a project that contains the note performer Play Back template, You got the message that this doesn’t exist and ask you to load another playback template

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Dear Bob, thankyou so much. I was not aware of that feature…
I have reinstalled noteperformer (not to fake to 30 days but only to be able to restart the projects) and then following YOUR VERY VALUABLE ADVICE i then changed the playback template .
Everything works fine now, I will do the same with all other musics so that I am independent from NotePerformer (that one day I would like anyhow to purchase since it is a marvellous experience composing with it).
Thanks , problem solved.

I expect you realize that one can rent/purchase NotePerformer for about $12US (or the equivalent) per month. By the time one has made (12?) payments and reached the full purchase price, one would have a perpetual license.

If I understand correctly, the months paid for do not have to be consecutive if one does not use NP regularly.

If I have this wrong, I hope @Wallander will clarify.

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It‘s worth to have a look at what playback templates can do. You can create your own and it’s possible to combine different VSTs into one playback template.

If you’ve stopped your subscription at any point, there will be multiple subscriptions. You must then contact us and let us know when twelve payments have been made so that we can consolidate the subscriptions into a perpetual license.

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