Removal of unwanted sound on live recording.

Hello all here’s one that i am sure more than one of us has had. I was recording a choir at school live. Great recording and good performance… however, in a quiet part the bell went. Well it isn’t a bell it is a horn. I ran the spectrum analyser over it and it equates to 440hz but no matter how I EQ it, it doesn’t want to go. If it was only in a silent part it would be OK… but it starts in a silent part and ends after singing. I know there are tools out there… costing a lot of money but would have thought there would be some way within Cubase to do this trick, especially as I can isolate the sound befor the singing starts in that passage.

Cheers Peter in Auckland NZ

If it’s a really constant sound you could try to copy the recording of the silent part, paste it in another track and duplicate it for the duration of the horn. Phase reverse that track and try to allign the parts so they cancel. It’ll not be perfect but it might work.
Filtering just 440Hz wouldn’t be enough, that thing probably has a plethora of overtones :frowning: