Remove a split in a clip

If I have a Audio Montage that has several clips in it, and then I’ve made a split with “Split at cursor” at several places. Then, I discover that I’ve made a split where it shouldn’t be. Is there any way of removing that split. (AM already saved, so I can’t do cmd-z).


If you still have the Montage open then you should be able
to step back in the History list or load the backup.mon (Montage)
check Options / Audio Montage preferences…
or Folders…

regards S-EH

Would it be easy just to delete one of the clips and extend the other through where it was?


I want both clips

If there are two clips which were previously one clip which has been split, and you want to rejoin them (which would only be meaningful if they are still contiguous and have no differences in treatment), it is exactly equivalent to delete one of the two post-split parts and move the boundary of the other to restore the original size before splitting - the only thing you need to do is get the position and fade of the boundary you move to be the same as those of the boundary of clip you deleted.

If you’ve done other things in both clips, like varied the level, why not just leave them as they are? So long as the edges at the split are butted together with no fades, there is no difference.


Dead simple! Thanks Paul