Remove All Plugins from Montage

Is there any chance of getting a function to remove all plugins in a montage? I sometimes need to make simple renders for synchronized timing only, and the plugins slow it down considerably. Bypassing all plugins seems to make little or no difference in the render speed. I thought of loading an empty chain to each clip, but find I can’t really make an empty chain. Am I missing something, or would there be a way to add this function to a future version? Thanks.

Would be easy to add, if there is some interest for it. Maybe as a temporary option in the Render settings?

Thanks PG. Would that unload and completely disable all of the plugins? There’s already an exclude bypassed plugins option in Render, but it has no effect on the speed the way I’m doing it. Even if I bypass all of the montage clip plugins (with the new “bypass all” in the effects tab, for each clip), and have render “exclude bypassed” checked, render takes just as long as if all plugins were active. That surprised me because I thought it wouldn’t be the case. The only way I can find to eliminate the plugin speed hit is to delete all the plugins. Then the render is very fast. Is that to be expected? because it seems odd.

That would simply render another instance of the montage, without any active plugin. Hence no DSP processing.

BTW, what do you mean with “renders for synchronized timing only”?

Sorry PG, I forgot about this. What I meant by that was a quick single file render of an entire album with correct gaps for matching, but without the need for time consuming plugin processing in the render.

Also re: plugin chains on montage clips:

After experimenting with this some more I found that in Wavelab with clip plugin chains, the plugins, if bypassed, do bypass the dsp completely for render, but only if you bypass them one by one.

If you bypass with the “bypass all” button, the dsp is not released for any of the plugins and the render takes as long as it would if all of the plugins were active. And the time difference can be significant. I guess this is because the bypassed plugins are remembered by “bypass all”, but Reap%r has the same thing (remembering during ‘bypass all’) and yet completely releases the plugins dsp when bypassed for a whole album file render, so a render can be done this way using “bypass all” and take 10 times less time than Wavelab, unless I individually bypass every plugin in Wavelab for this special render.

I normally have a default plugin chain of 10 plugins (I know) on every clip in an album, even if I’m only using 2 or 3. Most are bypassed, but still using memory. This hasn’t been a problem in Wavelab, or the other program (which doesn’t have a 10 plug limit). But the other program not only allows plugins to be bypassed, releasing the dsp, but also to be taken offline, releasing the memory, and it allows multiselection to do that.

In general the other program seems to always use the least DSP necessary at any given time, whether playing, or rendering to regions/tracks, or to a whole single file (even with clip UADs). Is that something that could happen if dynamic plugin switching is applied throughout in Wavelab, as it appears to be in the other program?