Remove and clean install

i’ve seen a few questions about this but not related to the latest version. i have had, i believe, all the different versions of dorico installed and there are remnants floating around causing me odd results and conflicts. i currently have dorico 4 and it is mostly working but i am hoping there is a relatively simple way to remove all the pieces of all the versions (including audio patches, players, etc) then install from scratch. is there such a set of instructions? (this is on macos, fully-updated on an m1 macbook pro.)

Each “paid-for” version of Dorico (i.e. version 1, 2, 3, 3.5 and 4) uses entirely separate preference and configuration files. Only the HALion player and library is common to all versions.

You can remove the Dorico folders inside /Library/Application Support/Steinberg – both at the root level of your disk and in the user library.

It’s not clear what’s happening but you can always redownload everything from the Steinberg Download Assistant. You want the application itself, the HALion Sonic “Instrument” (which is the VST player), and the Content, which is all the samples.