Remove and Remove All...

Could we have a slightly more distinct UI that marks the difference between “Remove Page Override(s)” and “Remove All Page Overrides”? Likewise for MasterPage Changes, Flow Heading Changes, etc.

Or maybe a dialog that shows the page range before confirmation?

Despite trying to be careful, I’ve accidentally delete my entire layout on more than one occasion, and then only noticed later on… :confused:

I’ve deleted ‘all’ overrides by accident before too. Heaven help you if it’s too many clicks ago to ctrl+Z. Entirely my fault though, as much as I’m loathe to admit it.


It would help if “Remove All” were the second option rather than the first.

I agree, I’ve accidentally “removed all” as well, fairly frequently. Fortunately I’ve always caught it right away.

Rob Tuley loves lots of warning dialog boxes. Don’t you, Rob? :wink:

I agree that too many “Are you sure” boxes can be annoying: but for ‘destructive’ changes, they are are useful safety catch, even if you accustom yourself to pressing to get rid of them.

Perhaps we need a program option that adds an “Are You Sure” popup after every decision for those who want to protect themselves from ever making a hasty decision. :laughing:

We all make mistakes; bad results help teach us to be more careful.

Some decisions have greater consequences than others. Adding an articulation is not something that needs pause for thought. Destroying hours of layout work is.
Every time I look at that menu, I think “Now, have I got the right one?”. I still get it wrong. Computers are here to help us remember stuff we don’t.

I agree that too many warnings is as bad as none: in fact in another place I’m railing against the myriad of warnings that ‘a major hardware and software producer’ has started implementing. But useful, timely, appropriate warnings are not in themselves a bad thing.

You could argue that a better design would be one where “remove all page overrides” was simply unnecessary (unless you really want to start formatting the project all over again, but that option shouldn’t be in the right-click menu when you select an individual page).

As other threads have debated, In some situations it would be nicer if “page overrides” were somehow linked to flows, not to page numbers.

In most occupations, some mistakes are pretty much a “rite of passage” that you have to make once to learn not to do it again. The trick is to make them early, before you are working on something where the repairing the damage is too expensive.

Another safeguard is to back up the file often.

Yes, removing the All-Page resets from the page contextual menu would be a very good idea.