Remove Backbone Trial

Hi, I tried out backbone, decided it wasn’t for me. Now every time I open up Cubase I get an error “some content could not be loaded - VST3 presets for Backbone”

I’ve tried the following solutions

  1. Delete VST from Audio/Plug-Ins folder
  2. Delete backbone files from Application Support/Content in both the user folder and non user folder
  3. run maintenance on elicenser and the trail license no longer appears in eLicenser.

I still get the above error…what am I missing?


Could you try common uninstaller?

Could you try to remove it by using Steinberg Library Manager?

Hi Martin,

I figured it out based on your recommendation. In case anyone else ran into this, here is how I did it.

  1. Open Steinberg Download Assistant, download the Backbone Installer. Included with the installer is an uninstaller. I would have never guessed that without Martin’s suggestion, would be nice if it was a separate downloadable item, but whatever.

  2. Run the uninstaller

  3. Open Steinberg Library Manager and select Backbone and click remove.

  4. Open Cubase, I got an error with an option to “remove” Backbone. After clicking remove, I no longer get errors when opening Cubase.

This worked. Thanks Martin!