Remove barline joins

Greetings all,

Is it possible to remove barline joins within the same instrument group? The project in question involves 7 distinct violin parts, and for reasons that are too long to get into here, I need those barlines to not be joined. I’ve tried the various options in Notation Options, without success.

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance…

Yes, is possible.

There are more ways to achieve this:

In Engrave Mode/Graphic Editing (the second icon on the upper left) select a note or bar rest for the first violin. Click the “Change Barline Joins” icon (that with a barline) in the “Bracketing” section (down left) to isolate the first violin.
Repeat the procedure for the rest of violins.


select some note or the bar rest for all the 7 violins (with vertical dragging)
Click on “Change barline Joins” icon.
Select (click on) the violins barline.
Select (click on) the little square on the bottom of that barline that joints the violins.
Click alt+up arrow to separate the barline (you will need to click 6 times).

I hope it helped.


This is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for your help!

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You are welcome :slight_smile:

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