remove bars with tempo changes

Hi, im in cubase 8
got a very complex project with more than 24 tracks, and many tempo changes
and i want to remove some bars in some parts but the main problelm is when i delete bars, the tempo stay the same

so how can i remove bars, with changing the tempo at the same time?


Do you have the latest update, please? If I remember, there was this bug, but if I’m right, it was fixed already (not 100% sure, if the fix was in Cubase 8 too or Cubase 8.5 only; but I would expect both).

Are you using the following function, (select the range in the Ruler that you wish to remove, then…) Edit menu>Range>Delete Time?

i have cubase 8.0.35

in the french version i use : edition / intervalle/ supprimer l’intervalle
is it this?

I would recommend you to upgrade to Cubase 8.0.40, in any case.

Google Translator gives me the result, which could be the one. Most probably it is.

I just tested this in Cubase 8.5.20 and Cubase 8.0.30. Works as expected in both version. The tempo events are also deleted with the range.

i tried with a new file and it works
The previous file was made with cubase 7.5, this is why the tempo events aren’t deleted with cubase 8


Do you mean, you can see the tempo events and edit them, right? But this particular function doesn’t work with this project, right?

I will try on my system.

This project was created by a friend on cubase 7.5
i copied the project with all the folders and i opened it in my computer with cubase 8.0.30
and when i use this function : Edit menu>Range>Delete Time , the tempo isn’t deleted with the range