Remove click from audio?

I made some vocals and used the monitors instead of headphones so I got some bleeding from the click in Cubase. Can I remove this click? Subtract it somehow? The vocals was pretty good.

SpectraLayers is designed for this kind of work. However I don’t know how limited the free version, SpectraLayersOne, that comes with Cubase is. But that’s a good first place to look.

Back in ye olden days folks might have tried to use an expander to reduce the softer sounds and an EQ with notch cuts to minimize the sound. Which depending on everything could work great or totally suck.


If you can copy the audio onto another Track and isolate the click sound on it so you only hear the click. Then you could flip the phase on that Audio and when you mix it back into the original the click should cancel out.

One trick I’ve on occasion used, if you are recording with speakers where you know there will be bleed record a take at the end of the session nobody sings or plays anything. That way you can have a recording of just the bleed which you can flip to cancel the bleed.


You could record the same click onto a seperate audio track. Afterwards invert its phase. Maybe that will cancel out the bleeded click. Adjust volume, of course.

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Thanx, I tried to install SpectralLayers but it requiered a license? Even the elements version? I tried to make a copy and invert the phase, and it does cancel to sound from the original track when both tracks are played, but when I try to move a part where there is only click sound on the timeline to cancel out the click on the vocals, its does not work, I still hear click. It seems that the audio is not perfectly opposite in phase when I move it? I guess its very sensitive and must be perfect to work? They are perfectly aligned in tempo so it looks OK but I still hear the click.

We do such cleanups professionally. The first way would be to check Waves Clarity VX Pro / iZotope RX 10 Denoizer. Teach the denoizer for one second only to the click signal.

But you can play with this website which can decompose stems with AI. Maybe its posible to isolate the voice:

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I managed to install SpectralLayer one, I downloaded Spectrallayer Pro 8, thats the one for cubase 11. I was not able to separate the vocals from the click, the software could not do it. The waves Clarity, is that free? I dont have any money right now… I will check the website, my experience with online software is that it distorts the audio. Thanx! (Maybe if I got a new subscription for Waves, its only 25usd?)
On a record from 1924, we isolated a barely audible voice so well that we could hardly believe it. The record noise and scratching was completely filtered.
As I said - Lalal is at the moment more for playing around.
SpectraLayers and iZotope Editor will preserve the frequencies that voice and click have in common.
You have to try it.

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