Remove/convert pickup meaure without moving music

I currently have a pickup measure of a quarter note length at the beginning of a flow and have decided that I want to add a few bars at the beginning (i. e. insert an intro), starting the piece with a full measure. I can easily add empty bars in the beginng and remove the (now empty) pickup measure but this will move all the music with the pickup into the next bar. I’d like to keep the original pickup a few bars in, though. How would I achieve that easily? It feels like selecting everything and doing the Alt+cursor left keyboard combo is a little overkill.

  1. Add an explicit time signature at the first full measure
  2. Click to select the first time signature
  3. Shift-B to add bars
  4. Click on first time signature and edit it to remove pickup.
  5. Click on the first note of the pickup (which is now a “short” measure) and Shift-B, 3q to turn it into a full measure.

Easier to do than to write out! I have a feeling there’s an easier way since 2.2, but I can’t remember.

another way could be:

  1. select pickup note and enter “SHIFT-B” “4q” (if you have 4/4 time signature)
  2. select first rest first of the first full bar and enter “SHIFT-M” “4/4”
  3. select first time signature and enter “SHIFT-B” “-1” or use System Track to delete pickup bar.