Remove cubase AI 8 license


long time ago I bought a UR22mkII with cubase aI8 license included.
I changed laptop and resintalled it in February 2020.

Then in April I upgraded to UR44C with cubase 10.5 license and I sold my old UR22mkII with box and download codes.

I removed the UR22mkII hardware from mysteinberg profile but when I tried to remove also the license of the cubase AI8 I realized this is not possible.

I honestly wonder why the elicenser merger all the product in a single license since I bough 2 different hardwares with 2 difference license. This is absurd.

I looked for support on the website and I only found that apparently I need to buy a USB licenser stick for the cheap price of 30 eur. I wonder, why?

I wrote to the support but I wanted to be sure that the buyer of my old audio itnerface will be able to use the cubase AI 8 too.

Anyone knows how can I be sure the license of my UR44C/Cubase AI 10 will be kept separated from UR22mkII/cubase AI 8?

Hi and welcome,

Please follow this article.