Remove DC Offset function


One question about removing DC offset … Does this function work properly in WaveLab??

Original file:

after “remove DC offset”:

after remove in Ozone RX:

The reason it does that is because DC Offset removal in Wavelab is a global process. There are pros and cons to this. It might do stuff to the silence in an audio file which you didn’t intend to do at all (although I notice that is probably not absolute digital silence at the beginning of your audio file). The problem is that global DC Offset removal may turn your silence into ‘something else’… and this ‘something else’ WILL register on the meters (which might seem strange since it’s meant to be silence) and you can see the deviation similar to your screenshots ! but you won’t be able to hear it. Somebody else here may be able to give a better explanation.

(This is unlike your RX example screenshot which probably uses an HP filter).

For this reason I tend to avoid using Wavelab’s DC Offset removal and use other tools instead (like Voxengo Elephant [HP filter]). Another way around the issue is to do DC offset removal on all parts of the file where there is an audio signal and not on the parts where there is silence. I actually wish Wavelab did this by default since it is already capable of detecting passages of silence, so why not incorporate this as part of the Remove DC offset function.

Note also that DC Offset removal is active by default in the factory presets of the loudness normalizer in the Audio file editor ‘Process’ ribbon. I understand why it’s there but personally I think it’s a bit of a hidden trap. I wouldn’t want DC offset removal as a default part of loudness normalisation.