Remove double midi notes?

I dont know when/how it happened, but I have a whole midi track that now has double notes (two notes exactly on top of each other) and its making the sample playback freak out. I’ve been going through and manually selecting each individual note and deleting it (there by getting rid of the added note) but this is getting very tedious. I cannot use the object selection tool and lasso around the notes because this selects both notes, when I only want to get rid of the added double note.

Is there anyway in cubase to get rid of doubled midi notes easily?

From the manual:

Delete Doubles

This function removes double notes, i. e. notes of the same pitch on the exact same position from the selected MIDI parts. Double notes can occur when recording in Cycle mode, after Quantizing, etc.

thank you!

The “Delete Doubles” command in the MIDI menu has worked reliably for me in the past, but in the latest version of Cubase Pro (8.5.20), it doesn’t work at all!

I received some SMF tracks from a client to work on. One of these is a piano track and for some reason, every single note is doubled, although the lengths vary. Since one needs to preserve polyphony (as well as avoiding sonic artifacts), it is necessary for me to remove the doubles. Here are the steps I took:

  1. Make sure all notes are selected
  2. Hard quantize the notes to make sure that all doubles start at exactly the same time.
  3. Perform “Delete doubles” from MIDI/Functions menu
  4. Nothing happens. Not a single instance of doubles is removed. :imp:

Can this please get fixed soon?

I was able to solve this. Looking at the data in the List Editor, I could see that the doubled notes were on different MIDI channels. On a hunch, I used Logical Editor to change all notes to the same MIDI channel. Then I tried the “Delete doubles” command, and this time it worked!

So… In order for the “Delete doubles” command to work, the doubled notes have to be assigned to the same MIDI channel.

Or, get Logical Editor to delete the notes on the second MIDI channel.

Thanks for this, it explains why I could NEVER get Delete Doubles to work (in any version), they were always on 2 different MIDI channels. Some keyboards out put 2 notes like this in Layer mode - my old Roland used to default to it every time it was turned on, I had to remember to reset it to just one note. Which I often didn’t.