Remove empty added staves


Is there a way to get rid of the added staves once generated?
To be clear I’d like to “reset” this instrument and have only 1 staff back.

Thanks by advance!

If you created them using Add staff above/below, you can delete the signposts and the extra staff will disappear (but be aware: If the extra staff contains notes, they will be retained, even though the staff has gone!! So delete the notes or move them to another staff before you delete the staff).

Thanks @Janus but all these signposts are already deleted on my score. :slight_smile:

I was wondering - now these staves are visually gone from the score - if I can get rid of them also in Play Mode, since it seems that they are still there and taking some MIDI channels for nothing?

Can’t help you there. Sorry.

What if you create a new Player (or even a new Instrument maybe??), copy the music and then delete the current Player?

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Try reassigning the Playback Template (on a copy of the file if you are cautious).

Thanks Daniel, that’s a pretty radical solution but it worked ! haha

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“Radical” is my middle name.