Remove Empty Staves for arbitrary page(s)

I’m looking to see if it is possible to remove empty staves for just a few pages… My layout would work great if I didn’t have to have staves on two pages, but I want to have them on all the rest.

Is this even possible?

Put a separate flow containing the empty measures/ staves onto those pages (and work the rest of your music around it). Then deselect all the players for that flow.

There’s a bit of a gross workaround to make empty staves show where you need them to, but it will have an impact on the splitting of multi-bar rests in the part layout, which may or may not be an acceptable trade-off.

Put a simple Shift+X text item, containing something like “X” or whatever, somewhere on the system where you want the otherwise empty staff to appear. Set the text to be transparent by editing its colour in the Properties panel. This will cause the staff to appear for that system.

Yes, but aren’t transparent items currently showing up in the PDF export?

Not if you export the graphics in colour.

This was helpful, as a trade-off. I appreciate this as an option to make it work! I’m overall very excited about this software, and haven’t been this excited about music software since Musescore. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! This is useful too!